Des couvertures oui mais en 3D….

Je parle souvent d’artiste incroyable mais là à partir de copie laser et d’une patience et d’une minutie fantastique, Todd R. Reis est juste un pur créatif, un artiste à découvrir et à connaitre sans modération. (Pour en savoir plus c’est ici). Depuis 1973 cet amoureux des comics réalise de fantastique couverture en 3D et franchement cela donne envie.

ADV OF 10TH DOCTOR WHO #14 3D 2016 (orig art by Laclaustra 2015)

For all the Doctor Who fans out there, especially of the Tenth Doctor played by David Tennant, here is a new 3D shadowbox paper sculpture of the ADVENTURES OF THE TENTH DOCTOR WHO #14. Original art was by Mariano Jose Laclaustra in Argentina and published by TITAN COMICS..Mariano commented on this video where I had posted it on COMIC VINE: "Awesome!" I also had sent him the video via PM.Given the immense popularity of the DW 3D I made last year, I thought it was time to do another one using a cover which appealed to me. This is another 3D I made as a showpiece at the upcoming San Diego Comic Con.If I get it framed in time, it will be part of my art show display. Otherwise I will be carrying it around to show.This used about 25 color laser prints of a direct scan copy of the cover. Besides being more economical to do that way, the actual cover has a gloss finish which does not work well with the glue I use. The project took about 30 hours over the past few weeks in rotation with other works.Comments, Likes, and Reactions are appreciated, but please send any questions to me via PM or email to #trr3d #doctorwho #davidtennant #titancomics #marianojoselaclaustra #tenthdoctorwho

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JUSTICE LEAGUE #50 3D 2017 (Orig art by Fabok & Anderson 2016)…

This video scans over the very complex 3D shadowbox paper sculpture I made in 2017 of JUSTICE LEAGUE #50 The Darkseid War cover by Jason Fabok and Brad Anderson as published by DC Comics in 2016. Geoff Johns wrote the story. This was commissioned by Sami Mh in Kuwait as part of a multi 3D package deal. The project took over 80 hours by hand with an Exacto knife spread over the past 4 months. The 3D work was made using 30 color laser copies that were printed from a direct scan of the cover. As the associated photo album will show, due to the complexity the original image,the 3D work was done in separate modules, then put all together sort of like a puzzle. The depth of the 3D is about 5 inches.I sent some photos and video to the original artist Jason Fabok for his reaction. He responded: "Holy smokes. Incredible work!!!"As for Sami, his response was:"This is fantastic i feel i can't stop looking at it LOL Thank you so much! :)" It will be shipped to him once it has been put into a custom made frame in a few weeks. Your comments are appreciated, but PLEASE send any & all questions directly to me in a private message or email to I may not see all questions if posted just as a comment. Follow the video link back to my fan page for more information and to see numerous other videos & photos of previous 3D works. Most of my work since 1973 has been special custom orders for clients.#tr3d #trr3d #justiceleague #jasonfabok #bradanderson #dccomics #superman #batman #wonderwoman #greenlantern #flash #darkseid

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Tim Burton's NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS 3D 2016 video 1

A bit late for Halloween, but still in time for Christmas, the is a short video scanning over a new 3D paper sculpture based on Tim Burton's NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS. Being a big fan of the Disney movie, my world champion magician friend, John George, requested I make a 3D using this image we found on the internet.I suspect the original art was done by someone unknown other than Burton. This 3D is a bit smaller than most of my usual ones measuring 5.5 x 8 inches and 3.5 inches deep. Using about 20 color laser print copies of the internet image, the 3D took about 25 hours to make spread out over several months in between other projects. John is receiving the 3D unframed since he has an idea in mind of something macabre Comments, Likes, and Reactions are appreciated, but please send any questions to me via PM or email to #trr3d #timburton #nightmarebeforechristmas #disney #jackskellington

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Disney UNCLE SCROOGE #275 3D 2015 (Hunt, Foster,& Franzen 1993…

This is a 3D made in 2015 of Walt Disney's UNCLE SCROOGE #275 that I've been wanting to do ever since the comic was published in 1993. After finishing THE INCREDIBLE HULK #181 3D for Ketan Patel, I wanted to do something for myself. With the upcoming Disney D23 Expo, I thought it would be a great 3D who show around along with the ROGER RABBIT #2 3D. . Although the original art looks like that of Carl Barks, it is not. Back in 1992 Editor David Seidman had arranged for Bob Foster to do the layouts, Jim Franzen to do the pencils, and Dave Hunt to do the color rendering in the style of Barks back in 1993. I bought plenty of copies when the book came out, but never got around to it. Since I now prefer working with the heavy semi-gloss scan print paper, I built up the 3D using the prints along with 5 actual comic covers for the top layers.When I recently asked Dave Hunt what he recalled about the cover, he wrote:"That's not traditional comic book "coloring." A typical pencil was done by Jim Franzen and then I completely rendered it in colored pencil. My goal was to make it look as much like a Barks painting as possible. Here's a little inside story– I made the blue pin in the chest below Scrooge look like the one Unca Carl drew in 'Big Top Bedlam', Four Color #300! I knew a handful of old fans like myself would recognize it."If you like this 3D paper sculpture, feel free to share this one any of the related pages of which there are many. Comments are appreciated, but if you have questions, please send me a PM.#tr3d #trr3d #unclescrooge #scroogemcduck #disney #disneycomics #davehunt

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